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This page lists breaking changes and migration guides for various major releases of Wonka.


In v4.0.0 of Wonka, we’ve migrated to BuckleScript v7 and genType for automatic type generation for TypeScript. The Flow types are derived from the automatic types and are generated by flowgen.

This may mean that bsb-native and Dune/Esy builds are temporarily broken, as they haven’t been tested yet. If so, they will be fixed in a future minor release. Please stick with v3.2.2 if you’re having trouble.

This release has no breaking changes for Reason/OCaml in terms of API changes. You can use the library exactly as you have before.

For TypeScript and Flow some APIs have changed.

New TypeScript and Flow typings

The type for Subscription, Observer, and Subject have changed. These used to be exposed as tuples (fixed-size arrays) in the past, but are now compiled to objects, due to the upgrade to BuckleScript v7.

If you’re using subscribe, makeSubject, or make you will have to change some of your types. If you don’t, you won’t have to update any of your code and can even mix Wonka v4.0.0 with v3.2.2 in the same bundle.

The Subscription type has changed from [() => void] to { unsubscribe: (_: void) => void }:

import { subscribe } from 'wonka';
// Before:
const [unsubscribe] = subscribe(source);
// After:
const { unsubscribe } = subscribe(source);

The Observer type has changed similarly, so you’ll have to update your code if you’re using make:

import { make } from 'wonka';
// Before:
const source = make(([next, complete]) => /* ... */);
// After:
const source = make(({ next, complete }) => /* ... */);

And lastly the Subject type has changed as well, so update your usage of makeSubject:

import { makeSubject } from 'wonka';
// Before:
const [source, next, complete] = makeSubject();
// After:
const { source, next, complete } = makeSubject();


The test suite has been rewritten from scratch to improve our testing of some tricky edge cases. In most cases operators have been updated to behave more nicely and closer to the spec and as expected. This is especially true if you’re using synchronous sources or iterables a lot.

Wonka has reached a much higher test coverage and operators like merge and switchMap will now behave as expected with synchronous sources.

This is the list of operators that have changed. If your code has been working before, you shouldn’t see any different behaviour. The changed operators will simply have received bugfixes and will behave more predictably (and hopefully correctly) in certain edge cases!

The take operator is the only one that has been changed to fix a notable new usage case. It can now accept a maximum of 0 or below, to close the source immediately.